Darkness & Boldness

by Logan Henderson

1 John 3:19-23
As I read this Scripture I began a self-assessment. It’s good to stop and reflect sometimes when you’re reading Scripture, because His Word often clarifies the deepest mysteries and doubts of our hearts. God will sometimes use these moments to illuminate something about you you didn’t even know. Anyway, I’m reading this and I look in the metaphorical mirror. And I ask myself “Am I abiding in truth by this definition? Do I have a clear conscience before God?” And my answer was no. Let me tell you why. I have been walking around lately with so much shame drilled into my shoulders and the weight was killing me. I didn’t look my Savior in the face and I ran from Him, so my heart grew cold and calloused to His love. And as I read this and as I write this now, I feel that burden lifted, because I see now what the Enemy wants to take from me. It’s not just my confidence tomorrow as I go to classes and talk to people. The stakes are much higher. He wants to take away our confidence before our God. Not to humble us, but to belittle and imprison us. As long as we are ashamed and walking around downcast and distracted, we are not pursuing Christ, we are not living into our potential. Jesus wants more for us than this! Though our hearts condemn us of sin, the Spirit convicts us and guides us back to Himself, welcoming us with love and rejoicing at our eyes being opened. What a God, that pursues us and brings us back to Him. He is truly relentless in His desire for our hearts. When we’re with Him, He gives us strength and intensifies the beauty in the world around us. Lust has lost its luster, and shame its weight. Christ bore the penalty and wants us to leave that weight behind. So chase Him boldly, as He commands us.