What’s Your Name (Monday)

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We promise Jesus is more enthusiastic about getting to know you then Jesse McCartney is in this gif…

by Ruth Hallstead

John 10:3 “He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out”

I had only been on campus for a few days when I attended my first Wesley event, and I was a bit nervous walking in. As soon as I walked in the door, I was introduced to one of my favorite things that Wesley does—give out nametags. I really want to know people’s names, but I never remember them, and I’m always hoping there will be a casual way to get reminded of their name without letting on that I have no clue what it was they initially told me. At Wesley, I can focus on talking to people without worrying that I have already forgotten their name (at least for a bit, obviously I need to learn everyone’s name eventually) two words into the conversation. When I went to my second Wesley event a few days later, some people remembered my name and I was given another name tag. Both of these actions made me feel like I mattered and that I was expected to come back. When people know your name, it’s really hard to escape, to be antisocial or to try and go it alone. It is a powerful reminder of love when someone greets you by name and instills a huge sense of belonging in you. God’s love is like that. We are individuals whose names matter—it is written that He calls us by name in John, Psalms, Isaiah, Proverbs, and numerous other places. He’s not going anywhere, and He fully expects us to come back and stick around for a long time. Our names matter, they are uniquely ours. While you may have a name twin (or lots, depending on your name), no one wears your name like you do. Follow His example as you go about your week: learn some names and get to know the child of God behind each name at Wesley and around campus.