What’s Your Name (Thursday)

Mark 5:21-34

Do you ever feel like you’re so busy you might explode?  Just me?  When I get overstressed, my first move is to lock myself away in a study room and tell my friends that I’ll see them another time.  Far too often, my work comes first and people come somewhere way at the bottom, after I’ve passed my test or finished just one more essay. At the outset of this story, Jesus was pretty busy – He had just gotten into town, there was a crowd surrounding Him expecting great things, and He was on the way to heal a girl on her deathbed.  I’m stressed out just thinking about the pressure.  But, in the midst of all the chaos, He stops everything when he feels a tug on His hem.  He made time to listen and care for this woman.  If He had had tunnel vision on his task, he might not have even felt her reaching for Him, but by being available to the Lord’s interruptions and making time to really listen to this woman’s complaint he was able to change her life.  As someone who is trying to learn how to be more like Jesus, I feel pretty challenged by this story.  How often have I maybe missed something the Lord was trying to do because I was too wrapped up in my own schedule? Where, in my life, can I be more intentional about learning someone’s name and story?