A Thousand Miles (Wednesday)

Many of you probably know about the parable of the Good Samaritan. As is my norm, in case you don’t, quick story time (for the full version check out Luke 10:25-37ish).  Okayyyy…. So. This guy is walking down the road and he gets attacked and is hurting pretty bad and all of these people pass by (including a priest and one of the “good guys”) and don’t help.  Then, this Samaritan guy (aka the one who is supposedly less holy) walks by and is like “bro, that looks pretty bad, let me help” and he gets the hurt guy all bandaged up and sets him up in a hotel and pays for his stay and makes a plan for the guy to be taken care of even without him.  Now, this parable is directly about knowing who your neighbor is.  Jesus is making the point that our “neighbor” is anyone, thus, when we are commanded to “love our neighbor as ourself,” we really need to love everyone that way. But, I’ve always wondered why the first two guys didn’t stop to help – is it because they simply didn’t have time? They thought they were too good to help this man? Maybe they figured he brought it on himself, after all maybe he looked like the type of person that would be caught up in all that…  I always thought it was interesting that the “bad guy” stopped and I always wondered if it was because he understood.  Maybe he knew what it was like to be beaten up. Maybe someone helped him. This week you’ve already read devotionals about showing up for people and loving sacrificially and this man did both and so can we, because we might not have the exact same struggles as someone else, but we know what it’s like to be beaten up by sin and someone (Jesus) helped us out.  We always know that we’re supposed to serve, but, for me, remembering why makes all the difference in whether I stop or walk on by.