Highway to Hell (Friday)

Listening to this song, AC/DC sounds pretty sure of their destination and the route they’re taking to get there.  Now, for me, the idea of being on a Highway to Hell is a little frightening (I’ve read really bad reviews), but upon further reflection I realized this metaphorical highway is rarely quite as blatant as described.  Instead, it’s more of a wrong turn or accidentally driving going off the east ramp when you meant to go west and not realizing like ever because the name of the road is the same.  When things like this happen while driving, you pull over, turn down your music, pull up Google Maps, and reroute yourself.  In a similar fashion, this is one way to go about rerouting your life.  Unfortunately, even once I’ve rerouted, I have a tendency to beat myself up over the mistake.  I’ll apologize to everyone in my car or that I was late to and feel guilty about it for days, even if they tell me it’s no big deal.  Sometimes, I’m sort of this way with sin too.  I’ll recognize I’ve gone a little off path – I’m not feeling as close to God as I was a little bit ago, and I can see where I went wrong, so I change what I’m doing and ask for forgiveness.  And that should be the end of it, but of course, I often allow the guilt to continue eating at me – leaving me feeling like I am not worthy of God’s love or capable of representing Him.  In 2 Corinthians 12:9 God says to Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  By dwelling in my shame, I am moving farther from God by focusing on myself instead of His love.  I am saying that my mistake is bigger than His grace and my weakness stronger than His power.  When we trust that His grace really is sufficient, we are able to move past our shame and allow the Lord to truly demonstrate the strength of his love through us and our testimony.  This story led me to check in with my own heart and ask Where was I (or still am I) on the Highway to Hell?  In what areas do I know I’ve been forgiven but still need to fully accept God’s grace?