Thriller (Monday)

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by Ruth Hallstead

Being Halloween Eve, a general creepiness is descending upon us: decorations, costumes, haunted houses, a chill in the air… For some, Halloween represents a throwback to running through neighborhoods trying to get as much candy as possible, trying to convince your parents it’s warm enough to wear your costume (some of y’all have probably never faced the tragedy of covering up a fantastic costume to avoid hypothermia) without a coat, and eating candy until you descend into a fugue state. For others, October is the season to scare yourselves silly watching horror movies around the clock. Whatever Halloween means to you, it’s coming… and our devotion is getting in the spirit. The first time I saw the music video for Thriller, I was terrified. However, the frightening scene of a boyfriend going lupine or being surrounded by zombies in a dark alley cannot compare to another fear heard in the lyrics “Cause this is thriller, thriller night. And no one’s gonna save you, from the beast about to strike”. No one’s going to save you. Loneliness is a powerful fear, and for those few of us who stayed on campus through fall break, we were reminded how incredible loneliness can be. Campus felt like one of those movies where all the humans have been abducted except for you. Regardless of whether you are on an empty campus or in the middle of the quad on gameday, we’ve all experienced loneliness. The feeling that no one is going to save you from yourself, from your thoughts, from sin, from danger, is painful. Nobody wants to feel that… and here’s where we can all help out. Proverbs 17:17 reminds us of our duty as friends “A friend loves at all times”. All times. Good, bad, and ugly, we are called to save others from their loneliness. The Lord loves and supports us, and it is our job to reflect this love and support onto others. Whether your friend has changed from human to werewolf or from Naomi to Mara, be their Ruth this week; shine the light of God into dark alleys and stay with them no matter what.