Kids of the Future (Monday)

jonas brothers GIF

by Ruth Hallstead

College is a confusing time for many. We are faced with so many decisions regarding our future, we’re surrounded by people ready to supply advice (good and bad), and we watch friends go through the same things. Sometimes, we see our friends and it feels as though life is passing us by. We may hang out with upperclassmen and watch them get internships, network, get involved with research; really start to focus in on their post-college lives. Or perhaps it seems as though others our age are moving forward while we aren’t going anywhere. We can feel like spectators to our own lives.

“Standing on a dirty, old rooftop

Down below the cars in the city go rushing by

I sit here alone and I wonder why” (Kids of the Future- Jonas Brothers)

College is crazy because no two people are ever in the same place in their education, professional development, or personal life. That’s also one of the coolest parts about college. We are surrounded by people we can help out, and by friends who can serve as role-models (or cautionary tales…) as we muddle forward pursuing our future. It’s a scary place to be as we watch others fail and succeed, as we are advised to go in seven thousand different directions, and as we attempt to separate what we truly want from what others want us to be. In times when we are lost and afraid of what life is going to bring, we can stand confidently on God’s promises.

“Our steps are made firm by the Lord,

When he delights in our way;

Though we stumble, we shall not fall headlong,

For the Lord holds us by the hand.” (Psalm 37:23-24)

Hand-holding is one of the most comforting stimuli we can receive. If you touch a newborn baby’s hand, it will reflexively curl around your finger. Studies have shown that simply holding hands with someone increases our pain tolerance. This verse in Psalms evokes a wonderful image. Not only is God with us at all times, he is holding our hand! Think back to the last time someone held your hand. Remember how that felt, and think about God’s hand holding yours at all times. No matter what the future may bring, we face it together, hand-in-hand, with God.