Thriller (Friday)

In Thriller, Micheal Jackson sings about fighting for your life and no one saving his poor horror movie victim. Of course, as Christians, we know that someone has already saved us, but despite knowing how the battle ends, we still fight everyday for our eternal lives. maybe we’re not fighting literal “beasts about to strike” but sometimes sin creeps up the exact same way as the villian in the song does. It’s difficult to talk about fighting, whether metaphorical or physical, without taking a good look at just what we have to fight with. Our defense is laid out in Ephesians 6:11-18. Often called the armor of God, this passage is modeled after the Roman armor of the day because the recipients of this letter would have a clear image of what this looked like and the Roman army was the most formidable force in the world. There are a few things I find particularly interesting about this – the first being that Roman armor had no backplate because they weren’t allowed to retreat. Where have I started to retreat from the battleline out of fear, pressure or just distraction? The other interesting piece of this, to me, is that we are only provided with one weapon – the Word of God (vs. 17). Now, I don’t know a lot about Sword fighting, but I’ve watched a lot of Reign, and I’ve learned that no soldier would go into battle without being very familiar with his weapon. How familiar am I really with the weapon I am given? What can I do to make myself more familiar with it? If we’re fighting for our (eternal) lives like in the song, we need to reach first for our weapon