All I Want For Christmas is You (Wednesday)

by Hannah Alford

On Monday, Ruth gave us a prayer and reminded us then in this time of studying we need to bring our focus to the Lord, as well as our classes. By now we’ve reached the thick of it, finals week has begun and it’s like you can feel the tension around campus as people walk to their next exam. Some students care too much and some students care too little, but, there is something they all share in common. Whether they know it or not, the Lord is working in their lives! He’s there to support you and keep your head in the right space, however, if our own ideas and motivations get in the way, it can be hard to feel his presence. We must be actively seeking the Lord both in times of bliss (like the upcoming Christmas break) and times of great stress (finals, duh). A verse that helps keep me in check is from Romans 8:6 “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” Those times when you’ve stayed up hours studying and pumping yourself with caffeine and you feel like death, it’s not just the lack of sleep. Make time in your day to relax and connect back to the Lord, I promise you’ll feel better after you do it, then you’ll find that when you go back to study your stress is at least somewhat relieved and you’re more focused, or at least this works with me. So try praying, even a small prayer, nothing too fancy, and see what happens! To help you along I’ll leave you a prayer too


Hey God!

I’m using this time to connect with you. This week has been hard insert concern here and I could use your support. So Lord, be with me in my studies this week, help my mind stay clear and my motivations good. Lord help me feel your presence throughout the week as I take my finals and remind me if I forget to spend time with you because you are stronger than any stresses I have, and your glory will live on past my anxieties!

In Jesus’s name we pray, AMEN!