The One With All the New Testament Stories

by Ruth Hallstead

Last week Wade showed us the dangers of seeking power at any cost. While the example he showed us involved seeking power for selfish reasons, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes people seek power because they don’t think they are enough. They aren’t worthy, or equipped to handle what God is asking them to do, so they reach for more power. They say, When I… or If only I… Then, I could serve God well. While the motivation is different in this case, desire for power is still wrong. Believing you aren’t enough is a very real fear, and a daily struggle for some. You may think you aren’t strong enough, brave enough, smart enough, rich enough, the list goes on. It can be difficult to get yourself out of that downward spiral of self-doubt. You may think you will never be enough. I’ve seen it in my friends and in myself.  I look around and see what others are accomplishing and think I could never do that. Or perhaps God is calling you in a specific direction, and you feel unable to follow that path. However, He knows who you are. Frantically grasping at power, or waiting to follow the path He has given you until you think you are ready is a foolish game. You are enough. It’s as simple as that. Look at the example of the widow in the temple. She followed a long line of very “generous” givers, simply to drop in two copper coins.  Yet Jesus praised her offering more than any others! (Mark 12:41-44) She gave what she had, and that was enough. You will always be enough for God. Whether you can give two pennies or $2000, God loves you the same. Trying to be more than you are because you don’t want to disappoint God never works. This week, remember that you are God’s. Repeat I am enough. See your value, and go take on the world, without hesitation.