The One With the New Testament Stories

by Hannah Alford

On Monday, Ruth showed up how it isn’t wise to seek power and strive to try to be better in order to serve God, because you will always be enough. But what does that mean exactly? We’ve learned from church that a “good” christian should give their mind, will, and body to service God, and while that is true many people avoid some areas while serving in others. One area we often fall short in is to “Love our neighbor as yourself,” the parable that I think off most closely is the Good Samaritan. In this story a priest, a levite, and a samaritan saw a man who was robbed, two passed him, and yet it was the third that bandaged and gave him money to stay in an inn. A man that in that time would have been considered cruel, was caring and saved the man’s life (Luke 10: 25-42). How you treat others can spread God’s love, you are enough, so now it’s time to show others that they’re enough too. Treat others the way you want to be treated, it’s something we’ve all heard since we were little kids, but try adding to that this week. Go above and beyond to serve the people around you whether that be helping a friend with homework or prayer for the people around you and see how that love you spread will come back to you!