When My Words Are Few

Wesley disclaimer: We do not endorse Snoop Dogg, the language in this song, actions in it or anything illegal or otherwise questionable, but believe God can use anything. ?

by Hannah Alford

When listening to the single from Snoop Dog’s upcoming gospel album, one line from the song “When my Words are Few” stood out to me.

“Let my actions speak for themselves, when my words are few”

How many of us let our actions speak for themselves? Often times, I know at least for me, I can get wrapped up in defending who I am and telling people things instead of just doing it. I tell people that “I really need to study for this test” but do I pick up a book? Sometimes, but rarely. Or how many of us throw around “Love you” to a friend, while not taking time out of your day to show your friend that you love them. We start to think that saying is the same thing as doing. But what does the Bible say about this? John 3:18 states, “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and truth”. Simple as can be it’s saying do not just say you love everyone–prove it in your actions, show everyone that you are accepting, by accepting everyone. Do not speak kind words to someone and then turn behind their back and gossip. I know it can be hard, but being intentional about how you love, will start to, as Ruth began explaining on Monday, identify you as a Christian. “And they’ll know we are Christians by our love.” Love is not just a word–it’s an action and as emphasized by the bible we need to show it as an action. So throughout this week, think about how your words and actions are lining up, you are not perfect, and you’ll make mistakes, but by-golly, show love to those around you. Give it to those who may not need it, and those who do, and you can change how others see Christianity and view situations as an opportunity for love, rather than a “could have been” story you tell your friends later.