Upgrade U

By Hannah Alford

Often times, when I get overwhelmed I continue trying to do everything myself, oblivious to the people around me who want to help me and ease my burdens. But more than just friends, I find that when I get stressed my involvement with the church suffers, my relationship with Christ suffers. However, stress is not an excuse, for it is in these times of unease and turmoil that we must come to God with our burdens and he will grant us grace and peace in our times of need. Queen Bey said in a song called “Upgrade U”
“Don’t doubt yourself, trust me, you need me
This ain’t a shoulder with a chip, or an ego”
How does this connect to Jesus? Well I’m glad you asked. In Isaiah 41:13 it states, “For I, the Lord you God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, ’Fear not, I will help you’.” God will always be there to support you through hard times, holding your hand. It is important to remember that God will not always rescue you by making your problems go away, but, instead giving you the strength to conquer it. So just like Beyonce will be there for Jay-Z, Jesus will always be there for you with no judgement or resentment, and trust me, you need him!