21 Days of Prayer to Begin the 2018-2019 School Year

As we prepare to welcome students to campus, whether they’re returning or arriving for the first time, our first and most important task is to ensure that they, the campus, and the coming school year are covered in prayer. To help us start the school year well, you are invited to join us in 21 days of prayer for the three weeks before classes begin. Especially if you’re a current student, this is a great opportunity to get (back) into the habit of prayer before your schedule gets taken up by classes.

When We’re Praying

Whether you’re a current student, parent, alum, donor, or anyone else who believes in the mission of Wesley, we’d love for you to join us for 21 days of prayer from 5pm to 5:30pm (or another period that works with your schedule) beginning tomorrow, August 1, through August 21 (the day before classes start). If you’re on campus, we’ll begin our weekly prayer and communion service on Monday, August 6 at 5pm, and you’re invited to join us to spend time in prayer together.

Take it to the Next Level

If you’d like to add something extra to these 21 days of prayer, consider the Wesley Fast. This fast is based on the spiritual discipline advocated by the founder of Methodism, John Wesley, to fast from sundown on Thursday until 3pm on Friday. As a spiritual discipline, fasting allows us to refocus our dependence on God, and what better time to do that than the beginning of a new school year. If you’ve ever thought about trying fasting as a spiritual discipline, these 21 days would be a great opportunity to do so. For more about the Wesley Fast, click here.

Suggested Topics

If you’re looking for a place to start, here are some suggestions about things and groups to pray for in preparation for the coming year (scroll down for suggestions for both students and non-students):

For Parents, Alumni, and Other Non-Students


In particular, you are invited to pray for those who are new to campus, including both freshmen and transfer students. For all students, though, we invite you to join us in praying that they will experience God’s presence and find a place to belong on campus during the coming year.

The Campus Community

The University of Alabama campus community includes faculty, staff, administrators, and others in addition to students. You are invited to join us in praying for their wisdom and discernment as they lead the campus in the year ahead.

Wesley’s Staff, Students, and Ministry

As a ministry, we covet your prayers for the year ahead that we would be effective in fulfilling our mission to be a place for all people to discover their God-given identity while fulfilling their God-ordained purpose. In particular, we invite you to pray for our ministry areas and our team of student interns and coordinators that lead them:

Executive Staff: Wade Langer and John Fleischauer
Pastoral Intern: John Austin Higginbotham
Worship Team: Logan Henderson, David Conour, and Ansley Weaver
Fellowship Team: Sam Donley and Hannah Alford
Discipleship Team: Ruth Hallstead
Outreach Team: Will Harper
Administration Team: Charlie Warren, Leann Locke, and Bryant Vickers
Communications Team: Amelia Volpe, Emeline Earman, and Jonathan Holle

Week of Welcome

Finally, we covet your prayers for Week of Welcome, which is August 19-25. This is the single most significant opportunity we have to connect with new students during the year, but it’s also an incredibly busy and tiring week for our team as we host daily events on top of the first days of class. Pray that students would find their way to and connect with us and that our team would find energy and enthusiasm beyond their own capacity as they welcome those students.

For Students

Those New to Campus

Pray for those who will be new to campus this year, whether freshmen who are away from home for the first time or transfer students who are coming in midway through their time in school. Pray that they would experience peace and excitement as they come to campus, and that they would find a place of community once they arrive.

Those Returning to Campus

Pray for all of the students who are returning to campus, including sophomores with a year under their belt, seniors preparing for the final year on campus, and everyone in between. Pray that they would experience new beginnings this year and would return to campus eager to connect with friends and get started with classes.

Your Department and Major

You know better than anyone the specific needs of those in your department and major, so pray for your classmates and the specific challenges that are unique to you.

Your Residence Hall/Apartment/Neighborhood

Whether you live on or off campus, pray for those in your residence hall, apartment complex, or neighborhood. Pray for their safety during the upcoming year, and that home would be a place where they belong and can find peace and calm throughout the year.

Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

Pray for those who lead the University including faculty, staff, and administrators. Pray for their wisdom and discernment as they lead and teach in the upcoming year.


Finally, pray for Wesley: our staff, student leadership, ministry areas, and all that we’ll do in the year ahead. Pray that all we do would help students to discover their God-given identity while fulfilling their God-ordained purpose.

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