Crossroads Devotional 2


Logan Henderson

John 6:28-35

One of the first questions that comes to mind whenever we do anything new is why we should do it. Whenever any change happens in our lives, we question why it’s happening or why we should join in, and we should do that. In this Scripture, we see the people Jesus is speaking to questioning why they should believe in Him, and Jesus takes the time to answer them, as He takes the time to answer you and listen to your concerns/worries (if you tell Him about them). The biggest thing He points to as a sign to why they (and we) should believe in Him is because He provides. He always has what is best for us at heart, from the lonely times of trying to navigate college’s social scene to one day when you will graduate (because the chances are that you’ll definitely graduate, so keep doing great). God always has what’s best for Him at heart, and what’s best for Him is what is the best use of our life and our time. So as we consider the sermon this week about following God’s path, remember that you’ve got stake in it too, and His ideas and plans are the best for you.


We praise you because you actually care. You care enough to listen to our prayers, our tears, our worries, and our stress. We cast those upon you now God (tell Him what you’re going through and be honest). As the semester starts, we pray that You would lead us to learn so much more about you, and to love You and Your people more tangibly and with more passion, breaking down boxes and barriers we might set up. Increase our love Lord, and thank you for all You are.


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