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A Place to Belong 3


Hannah Alford 

Jeremiah 29:11

God doesn’t always reach us in a giant booming voice from above the heavens. In fact, a lot of the time God reaches us when we are feeling most isolated by surrounding us with people who bring us closer to him. Friends can see the blind spots we can’t and with unwavering love and devotion to God, show us how God is working in our lives. But what about when the tables are turned and we are the ones in a situation where we have to reach out to a friend? It can be hard sometimes, we feel as though we are overstepping our boundaries or putting our nose into something we shouldn’t. But let me be the first to say (as a person who has been on the receiving end of help many a time) that if you have the opportunity to reach out to a friend, do it. You have the ability to change someone’s day around and possibly help lead them through their brokenness and into the light.

Hey God! Allow us to be a resource for those in need. Use our strengths in an effort to heal the brokenness in those around us. Continue to support us and give us strength when we are struggling, because through our pain we can learn and grow closer towards you. AMEN!

A Place to Belong


Logan Henderson

John 19:25-27

A lot of times during the school year with tests, homework, and the overall stress of everything, we can really isolate ourselves, or just feel like nobody is there in our corner. In this passage, Mary, I imagine felt absolutely at a loss. To our knowledge, she had no husband, and two sons to take care of, and now she was going to be labeled as the mother of an insurrectionist. She probably felt scared and her child was dying in front of her. Talk about feeling alone! Yet, Jesus saw her, the woman who had raised him and cared for him, and He ordered John to take care of her. Two things are beautiful about this:
1.) He saw her and knew that she needed someone to help her and get her through all of the turmoil to come, resurrection and all.
2.) He gave her a person to love her and be Jesus’s hands and feet in helping her.
This is an awesome promise of what God will do when we feel alone or outcast. He always sees and cares, and He gives us people who will love and listen.

A Place to Belong 1


Amelia Volpe

1 Peter 5:10 

Wow. It’s a little difficult to turn this verse into a devo because I think it’s so clear! There’s going to be suffering, there’s no doubt about that. We’ve seen in the last sermon and the Bible how people suffer. No doubt, there’s been times in your own life that it’s not easy to get through something hard or painful. But our God is a great and loving God who is always there to pick us back up! In fact, as this verse says, God himself will restore us after we’ve suffered. There’s something so meaningful and encouraging knowing that, when we fall down or struggle, God is right there, personally helping us to get up and get better. While that doesn’t mean that you never suffer, the knowledge that God is right by you, supporting you through everything, ready to heal you and encourage you and deliver you is a great thing that can help you get through whatever’s causing your suffering. I know it has for me!

God, be with me when I struggle this week. When I fall, pick me back up. When I’m ready to give up, push me forward. When I’m suffering, restore me. Thank you, God, for always being there for me, even when I don’t realize it. Help me to look beyond this temporary suffering to see You and Your never-ending love. Amen.

The Road to Freedom 5


Hannah Alford

Hebrews 4:16

I’m going to be real for a minute when I say that it’s hard to bring all of my problems to God. I can get disappointed in myself or get so ashamed for even having them that I forget God already knows what I’m going through. And despite my best efforts to conceal my problems and keep to myself, God is helping me in every way He can by providing me with friends that are actively trying to bring me closer to Him. However, there is an easier way for God to reach us in these times of trouble and that’s just to be completely open, to realize that God is powerful and awe inspiring and He is so much bigger than the problems we are dealing with and can pull us from any pit you may find yourself in. That can seem really scary, trust me, I get it, but the relief and confidence you get from knowing that God, I mean GOD is in your corner, can bring any hurt into the light.

Hey God!

When I am struggling, bring me closer to you. Let me speak to you with confidence and allow myself to be broken. Remind me that I should not be ashamed to be hurt, but rather I should find you in those times so that I can be healed. Thank you, God. Amen

The Road to Freedom 4


Will Harper

Romans 8:13

In my life I often used to find myself being stressed out over somewhat trivial things that don’t really have any significance, like there were hundreds of small issues that I had no control over that I let weigh me down; the weather, other people’s decisions, what people are doing back home are doing that I can’t be a part of. I cracked under the weight of these things and I didn’t have enough left in me to deal with the things that really mattered. The thing is that I never knew I was doing it, it was habit at that point. At times it can seem like we fall into brokenness without even realizing what had happened, we break under the pressure of our own lives without seeing it. It isn’t until we share that with God and give up these small and meaningless problems that we can be healed, then finding a freedom and peace through the worshiping God.

I pray that over this sermon series the glory of God’s healing can be shown to all who hear it, that we may all be able to drop the trivial issues in our lives so that we may better serve our purpose as those who are called to bring others to the light of the Lord. I pray that those who are struggling with their own issues, no matter the size, that they may be able to give it up to God and be given a sense of clarity to guide their way through it.  



Ok, you better have read that and spent some time with the Lord, and not skipped straight to the answer here, but it’s Sid.


The Road to Freedom 3


Alex Tidwell

Exodus 3:7-8 NASB

During our time in college, our identity becomes associated with many things: a school, a sports team, a major, a student organization, a group of friends, a lifestyle. The list goes on. These associations can be benign but at times they can become consuming and crushing. The classes in that major consume your thoughts. That group of friends takes time away from things you know you should be doing instead. That lifestyle takes you further from Christ and not closer. In short, they consume your identity and you become a slave to their expectations. But God has great news for slaves: He’s really into freeing them! Then He takes them for His own and moves them to a place more prosperous than where they were. For the Israelites, it all started with a cry for help. It can start the same for you.

Lord, forgive me for when I let my identity in you become overtaken by my identity in other things. Like you sent Moses to the Israelites to free them from bondage, send your Spirit to me. Take me further into a life lived for you: a life that prospers. Amen.