Tomorrow pt 1


Katherine Norris

John 17:24-26 

This past weekend was Fall Retreat and it was so inspiring and impactful. When you live in a society like ours, it can be easy to be consumed all about yourself. When I say that I mean like not always giving 100% in your relationships or thinking you’re the only person with problems. I personally struggle in this aspect when it comes to friendships. Sometimes I don’t feel as if I can always be the most supportive friend because I can be too consumed with myself. This weekend I learned that in order to gain a stronger relationship with others, it is important for us to vulnerable. This really is difficult because vulnerability is a super scary thing. It opens up a new level of trust that you sometimes fear will be broken (and trust me, no one wants to be broken or hurt). However, in our group sessions, I was able to open up to a group of amazing people and it truly made me hopeful. I knew that this was exactly what God wants from us. He wants for us to be able to love others just as He loves us. He wants for us to all grow stronger together so we can give Him all of our love and attention. As long as we keep our eyes on Him, his love will always prosper. Your future is always bright with God by your side.  

Dear Lord, thank you for loving us even when there are times when we don’t feel we deserve your love. I pray that you help us open up to each other so we can share our love for you. Help us become the best person that we can be, Dear Lord. Our futures are so full of hope and I just pray that you help guide us towards our calling. In your name we pray, amen. 

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