What do you see? pt 1

David Conour
Acts 9: 10-12
It can be easy to lose our focus. To turn our attention away from the things in our life that bring us joy and instead obsess over all of the things that make our lives more difficult or more stressful. Sometimes we become so wrapped up in our own struggles that we become blind to the work that God is doing in our lives. Oftentimes, this blindness is next to impossible for us to fix on our own. Instead, God sends someone in our lives to help us see the light of God’s glory. Take Paul, or Saul in this case, for example. God sent Ananias to Saul in order to restore his vision and to tell him of the glory of Jesus Christ, and as a result, Paul became one of the most faithful figures in the Bible. He was instrumental in the growth of the early church. Yet without Ananias, he would have remained blind forever, never seeing what God truly wanted him to do. Just as Paul had Ananias, God puts people in our lives that open our eyes to him. These can be friends, parents, mentors, siblings, or even someone we just met. Whoever they are, they help us to see the Holy Spirit working in our lives, and restore our vision of God.

Father God,

Help me to keep my eyes fixed on you. To let your great love and glory guide my actions and my spirit. When I am blind to You, place people in my life that will open my eyes, and show me Your greatness

In Your Son’s holy name,


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