What do you see? pt 2


Hannah Alford

John 9:5-11

“Well did you really have a bad day, or was it just bad for five minutes?” I hate that saying. I mean what the heck, who is this person to ask me about the legitimacy of my bad day. A lot of the time, I fall guilty to plunging into self-thoughts and isolation when I am upset, I think of how everything is affecting me, and how I am just struggling to get by. But, when I can get a minute where I can just turn to God and ask, “What are you doing in my life right now?” it can put a whole new perspective on my day. It turns from a perspective on the self (specifically myself) and makes me look at how my life is interacting with everyone else’s. Think about it, you are never the only one having a bad day, but if your head is looking down all day, you’re never going to see the other people around you who are struggling and can understand what you’re going through. We need a change of perspective, and I don’t mean condescending inspirational quotes to make you “think”, we need to look to God. To pray and turn to Him in our times of brokenness and not only will He lead us to the light, but He will give us the strength and mission to lead others as well.
Hey God!

When we are broken, lead us away from “I, me” mindsight we often get consumed in. Allow us to see, in these broken times, the work you are doing in our lives, and continually provide us with the opportunity to be a servant of you and lead your children into the light.


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