What do you see? pt 3


Sam Donley

Luke 18:35-43 

The man in this scripture lives in the dark, confusing world of blindness. He is unable to understand the things that happen to him and around him. When we don’t know what is happening to us or can’t understand why it’s happening our natural instinct is to fear for our future. Fear is putting faith in the world and the enemy, faith that they will overcome and destroy you. Putting faith in the Lord like the man in the passage is the only way we can see past the scary things directly in front of us! Fear prevents us from seeing truth, but faith in God allows us to see that He has a place for you and He will guide you there! 

God give me the courage to put my faith in You above all the distractions around me. You will protect me and guide me even when my situation doesn’t make sense to me. Help me seek healing from You before I attempt to solve things myself, because I can’t stumble through the darkness alone and you are the light I need.  

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