What do you see? pt 4


Charlie Warren

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

I often find myself buried in work. I will sometimes spend several consecutive days with my nose buried in school, or work, or law school applications, and when I’m done with one task, I will immediately be searching for the next thing to complete. I am filled with a sense of productivity, and I feel great about myself. For several years I have had these binges of productivity, and it wasn’t until recently I discovered how detrimental they can be to my relationship with God. Caught up in a productivity driven by ambition, I neglect to devote time to the other areas of my life; friends, relationships, family, and more. God calls us to lead a life that is devoted to him, and to successfully do that, we must lead a balanced life. For me that means to not allow work driven by ambition to let the other areas of my life wilt. Everyone has something that they allow to outweigh the other parts of their life. And while that thing may not be detrimental in singularity, when contextualized within the rest of their life, we can see it draws us away from other important pillars of life. The best way I have learned to balance my life is through an intentional effort to strengthen my relationship with God. Small groups specifically are great in that it allows you to hear from others that can more objectively view your life and help you find identity in the balance of your life and God, rather than identity in one thing.

God, help us look to you to find the balance in our lives. Often, we can be so focused on our homework, our relationships, or our careers, that we forget that a life for You cannot be lived properly with a singular approach to our time-management, but through a holistic one.

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