What do you see? pt 5


Will Harper

Proverbs 4:25-27 

Oftentimes our lives can stray from the paths we want them to follow, we get distracted and end up on tangents that lead us away from what we know we should be doing. Sometimes it can go for so long that we forget, or even start to change where we think we should be going. It has always been important to me that enjoying what I do is more important than how well I do it, but there have been times in my life where I stray from that, I get a bit greedy and want to be better at something more than I want to enjoy it. This eventually leads to me avoiding it because I see it as a chore and not as an opportunity to do what I used to love. This can be the case sometimes in our relationship with God. Personally I struggle sometimes with getting lazy in my prayers, sometimes I don’t talk to God as much as I should with the excuse of “God knows me and what I’m going through, so I don’t need to pray it.” I have a hard time with this when I’m by myself and I don’t feel accountable per se. What gets me out of this is being with others, when I have people that hold me accountable to my relationship with God. Whatever it is that makes you stray away from with God, find whatever it is that reminds you of the importance of your relationship, and let it hold you accountable. 

God help us see when we lose sight of you, let us know where we can grow closer to You. Whatever part of our life it is that makes us more distant from You, let us give it up. I pray that whatever keeps us from You, we can find a way to keep ourselves accountable. Thank you for being with us even when we are distant from You so that we may never be without You. Amen. 

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