Merry Christmas

Hannah Alford
Luke 2:13-14
The Christmas season is not just the presents, Christmas trees, or Santa; it’s a time for us to remember all God’s glory that he brought to the world when Jesus was born. It is a reminder of how something so small, has the potential for great and wonderful things. So take time out of this Christmas season, and think about all the blessings you have and really try to see God’s glory around you every day. How have your friends supported you over this past semester? How have your teachers helped you grow? Where do you find an abundance of love and acceptance? God’s glory may not be as obvious as a host of angels singing praise in blinding light (although that would awesome if it was) but it’s there and sometimes it just takes a few minutes out of your day in quiet prayer and meditation to begin to see it or even just taking a brisk walk can help! This is truly the most wonderful time of the year so breathe in the cold air and appreciate it!
Hey God,
Thank you so much for this beautiful campus that we go to. Thank you for our relationships that you help foster and thank you for the impact you’ve made in our lives. Help us to see your glory through our everyday life and to not get wrapped up in the stress of Christmas season. In Your precious and holy name, I pray,

Da Vinci was born on a Thursday (Told you it wasn’t much they had in common 🙂

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