Lie: Being a Christian is Stressful

Terry Mantooth
Isaiah 41:10

“Being a Christian is not stressful.” You might hear that statement and wonder how that’s possible. But it’s true! God may put you into situations that get you out of your comfort zone, but with trust in Him that he’ll lead you through it, He’ll take that stress away. He wants to stress for you. I love Isaiah 41:10 because God promises He will make us strong, and never leave our side. He will be alongside us in everything we do to strengthen others in faith and grow ourselves. He tells us not to fear, and stress is a type of fear. His plans for you are great,and He wants you to grow. Nothing, and no one, ever grows by staying in the same place.  So next time you begin feeling like being a Christian is stressing you out, pray about it and rememberthat God doesn’t want you to stress, He wants you to grow and spread the good news about Him.
Lord, next time I begin to find being a Christian stressful, help me to remember that You are always by my side and will lead me through everything I ever do. Amen.

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