Lies we love to tell 2

Ruth Hallstead
1 Timothy 1:15-17
Sometimes when the world gets a little crazy, it can be easy to get sucked into despair. You can start to think that there is no good left, or it’s no good being good! That hopelessness can threaten to overwhelm you, remove you of your purpose and leave you feeling empty. It’s hard to see tragedy, and it’s even harder to see it come from another person’s actions. Yet there is always hope, always someone to lean on when standing seems impossible. This verse in 1 Timothy reminds me of the promise we have in Jesus. We have been redeemed, and continue to be redeemed daily. The word is not a hopeless place. And people are good. Today, take a moment to look around, and find a way to show the “immense patience” God has shown us by helping somebody out. Assume the best in people. Just try it for one day, and see where it gets you. In the face of tragedy (minor and major, life-changing or not), brokenness and hatred, it’s time to change thattune, and be different. Because Christ Jesus came into the world to save us, and as John Wesley said “We gain much more in Jesus than in Adam we lost”.
Help me to see the glory of Your creation. Guide me in passing on Your Love to those around me. Give me peace and hope even as I see despair and heartache threaten to overwhelm. Thank you for Your son and his sacrifice, saving all of us. All honor and glory to You, eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God. Amen

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