Lies we love to tell 3

John Austin Higginbotham
John 8:6-11
One of my favorite stories within the Bible. Mostly because I see myself and others like me wherever I look. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been in the shoes of most of the main roles here. I for sure have been the woman who sinned, for Jesus is right, who amongst us ha not sinned. And I understand her predicament, ashamed of the things she’s done, lambasted for the mistakes she’s made. Yet Jesus easily forgives her and sets her on her way with encouragement and the command to do so no more. I know of countless times in my life where this has applied to me as well. I’ve also been where the Pharisees and teachers of the law stood, self-righteous and condemning of those who surely deserved everything they got coming for the wrong they’ve committed. And so many times I thought I was justified in my accusations and in my anger against those who sinned, specifically against me. Yet Jesus says those without sin may cast the first stone. And then he begins to write. I’ve always wondered what it is he wrote in the sand that day. I’ve heard it said that he started to write the sins of each of the accusers one by one. Seeing him do this, knowing that he knew their sins, that he would be justifiable to punish them for their crimes,they chose to walk away. My favorite theme of this story is that grace abounds in Christ. So look to him for guidance and grace, and offer forgiveness freely and willingly to others, for you were so offered it first.
We are sinners. But you saved us. Help us to live in that light,to remember the gift You freely gave us and pass it on to the world. Guide us to freely give forgiveness and grace with open hearts and open arms, no matter what. Lord we love You and are continually overwhelmed by Your power and grace. Please rid us of anything stopping us from accepting that for ourselves or from giving it to others.

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