Lie: Worship just isn’t my thing

Charlie Warren
Colossians 3:16
Worship is a term that can be used to cover many different actions in our faith. In its most narrow and popular definition, worship is the act of singing praises to God. While every type of worship is encouraged and important, sometimes the broad definition of worship causes us to
dismiss the importance of worship of the narrow definition. We sit in service on Sunday and distractedly sing along to the hymns because we’re just “not feeling it that week” or “I worship in other ways besides singing”. I know I’ve felt this way more times than I care to admit. What we must remember is that songs of praise are an opportunity for us to joyfully praise our Creator. Worship is a unique opportunity to share the joy of our faith in community with others,and that makes it vital in our relationship with God. Worship draws the heart closer to God, and that is a practice we can’t afford to have any shortage of. I encourage you next time you find yourself in service not to view the worship as just another part of the service, but as an opportunity for you to express your love of God with your community of faith.
God, what better way for us to grow closer to you than to shout for joy and love of you in community with others. Help us remember that worship of You is not a requirement, but a privilege, and that we must fully partake every chance we have.

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