Lies we love to tell 4

David Conour
Acts 9: 17-18
Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that God calls himself our “Heavenly Father”? He isn’t just a deity, He isn’t just our Lord, or our master. He is our Father. He cares for us as His children, not just as His subjects or servants. And that’s incredible. We get to have a close and personal relationship with the One who created the universe. For a long time, I never really thought about the presence of God in my life. I would have said that I was a Christian, but I don’t think I could ever point to a moment where I would have said that I recognized for sure that what was happening around me was because of Him. The first time that I really felt God working in my life was during my home church’s first Discovery Weekend. We had a moment where we were all praying over each other about various things, and I approached the altar and said a small prayer and then went to sit back down. And then something strange happened. I was overcome by an overwhelming feeling that I needed to go back up to the altar.When I came back, a friend of mine was at the altar, and they were clearly struggling with something, so I asked if I could pray over them (I was not someone who would have done that normally, this was again just a feeling that I couldn’t shake off in the moment). As I began praying for my friend, she broke down entirely, and some more of our friends came up to pray over and comfort her. It was a powerful moment, and I firmly believe that the feeling that I had was God directing my actions. This moment changed my perspective entirely on what it meant to be a Christian. I felt like Paul having his vision restored. It made me want to seek out a personal relationship with God like I never had before, because if he could reach out to me, I wanted to reach out for Him too. It’s important to remember that like any relationship, our relationship with God is a two-way street.
Father God,
Let me not forget to talk to You. Let me remember to reach out to You just as You reach out to me. Help me to see You working in my life, and to recognize when You are trying to speak to me.

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