Frohe Weihnachten

Charlie Warren
Luke 1:32-33
With Christmas coming up fast, I figured it’s never too early to remember not just the birth of Jesus, but the prophecy of his birth. This is a part of the conversation between the angel Gabriel and Mary. I think remembering of this passage is important because our exposure to the Christmas story has trivialized the incomprehensible nature of God sending himself to live with us. It’s important to not to forget that we have a God that cares for us so much that he desires for us to have an intimate relationship. My favorite part of this verse is the end. There truly is no end to the Kingdom of God, and because of this everything in this world is of Him. So this Christmas season, remember that God not only is among us, but that we are of Him. That stranger on the street, your one friend that always gets on your nerves, and yourself. So treat others how God treats us; with love. 

God, help us remember that we are all children of God, and that You want us to treat each other with the respect Your creation deserves. Amen

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