Joyeux Noel

Will Harper
1 Corinthians 16:13-14
As we approach this season of Christmas, we are reminded now more than ever, to love our neighbors, and as Christians, we are called to serve others with our whole heart, to spread faith, hope, and love. If your family is anything like mine, when you walk in the door back home, you are slapped in the face with the words faith, hope, and love, on every Christmas decoration in every square inch of the house, and if you’re anything like me, you see that as the new normal and start to ignore it like regular house decorations. However, this year I’ve been trying to think of something about faith, hope, love, etc. whenever I see it slapped on some piece of decoration instead of ignoring it, which has been leading me to be more excited about this Christmas season than I have been in years past. So during this season I encourage you to take a minute and think about whatever those cheesy decorations or posts have written on them, let them help remind you that this is the season to go to others with open hearts and show the world what we believe in as Christians.
God, I pray that during this time we are able to take in all that is around us, and that we may see opportunities to help those near us, help us to guide ourselves and others to You so that we may be able to spread that word that You are God. Thank you, Amen.

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