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Tower of Babel 1


Ruth Hallstead

Genesis 11:1-9

In Genesis 12, some crazy stuff happens. The people say that they need to build some tower or they will be scattered across the earth. Then, God comes in and is like psych, I’m going to scatter you anyway (that’s a direct quote). This is an interesting tension. Why were we scattered? Why was it so important to God that we speak different languages? The way I see it is this. Say you have a friend who is in a bad spot, and you want to help them out of it. But, you think that if they hear specific news or advice from you, it won’t work. So you bring in a mutual friend that you think they will listen to. On a broader scale, this is one reason we were scattered. Not everyone is in a position to say what needs to be said to all people. We can’t always be the ones to share important stuff with everybody in our lives. But we are all incredibly different people, all uniquely positioned. Our mission statement here at Bama Wesley is “A place for all people to discover their God-given identity while fulfilling their God-ordained purpose.” Do you think that Wade can help every person do that? Or John? Or one of the interns? No. None of us can be all things to all people. This scattering of humanity thousands of years ago allowed us to get to where we are, so that ALL people might be served.

Lord, thank you for making us different. Please show me the places that I am uniquely situated to show Your love and to spread Your word. Let me see where I can make a difference simply because of who I am and who You’ve made me to be.


Origin pt 2 #4


Ruth Hallstead

Genesis 1:26-27

This summer, I went to a church that did a sermon series called “Jesus B.C.”. It was all about connecting the Old Testament to the New Testament, and really about showing that God is always working. That there was a clear plan. That the Old Testament points to Jesus. It was fascinating. Last week, I was reminded a lot about this idea as we heard Wade preach on the creation story… The idea here is that we came from somewhere, and knowing and understanding that is really powerful. People like to argue about a lot of the details, but the important idea here is that God made us to shine His light. Running behind all the details is an important undercurrent, and it points us to God. He made us in His image, and that is pretty darn cool. This week, as the story continues with Noah, think about that. And worry less about well, everything. Instead, remember that we were made in God’s image. Remember OUR origin story and think about why that matters for today.

Origin Pt 2 #3


Will Harper

Rev. 21:5

As we are starting this new semester we need to be reminded that we are renewed in more than just our schedule, but also in our opportunities for evangelism and in our growth with God. As we find ourselves in different classes we find new people around us that we might not have seen before, people who you have the ability to reach out to and build relationships with. It is true that when we find ourselves in places such as this that we have many opportunities to spread God’s word, to few people or to many, but what is important is that we have the opportunity. As this turn of the new year is wrapping up we are reminded that this is a season of renewal and hope, in our personal lives, in our classes, in the eyes of God, and it is important to note the endless amount of possibilities for all of us in different areas of our lives right now. There are so many places for all of us where we can take this time to improve, so that this year can shape up to be the best one yet. I encourage you to take some time to yourself and think about different ways that you can improve your personal life with God this new year and how you can share that with the new people around you.

God I pray that we can all find new ways to grow in you, and that we might be able to take advantage of this time of renewal and hope so that we might be able to build a strong foundation for us to grow our relationship with you this year. Amen

Origin pt 2 #2


Logan Henderson

Luke 5:1-11, Genesis 6:9-22

Obedience is a strong and disgusting word. A lot of us associate it with things we don’t want to do, things we think are stupid/don’t understand, and every other lyric from some angsty 90’s rock band somewhere. What I saw in this Scripture (and wanted to share with you to think about) is how obedience can be a different thing entirely. Notice how Peter verbally acknowledges that it’s only because of Jesus’s command that He’s lowering the fish again. He chooses to throw out his years of experience and do what Jesus asked. But here’s the coolest thing, and what makes Biblical obedience so different. Jesus doesn’t rub it in Peter’s face that He was right and Peter falls to the ground to worship Him. Obeying God has this interesting side-effect that I want you to consider as you go about your day today. When we obey God, we learn more about who He is and how good He is. Like Peter, following God’s commands leads to an acknowledgement of His greatness and His love. To use Al Day’s idea, we don’t obey a static code, but a God who asks us to do things so that we can do His work here and grow closer to Him. This way, even the things that seem pointless, like recycling some stray garbage or starting a conversation, turn into a pursuit of who God is. So, look for what He’s saying today and obey, looking for who He is!

God, thank you for never belittling me for not following what you ask or gloating when I decide that your way is best. Help me to listen to what you’re leading me to do today and what you’re leading me to say. And please help me to love your commands because of my love for you, Yahweh. Teach me to trust what you say and learn who you are. Amen/Let it be so.

Origin Story Pt 2 #1


Sam Donley

Genesis 6:7-8

The story of the flood reminds me of how God saves us individually. Left alone, mankind became wicked and humanity was not worth saving, except for one small group worth saving. God eliminated most of the world who only did evil but preserved and nurtured the best parts to create a better humanity than before. God asks us to give up a lot of ourselves, the wickedness and evil. He uses the part of us that desires Him and he preserves and nurtures that part to make a better version of ourselves.

Thank you, God, for rooting out the evil in me and molding me into a better version to follow you. Please keep flooding away the wickedness and guiding me towards Jesus and towards your best version of me.