Origin Pt 2 #3


Will Harper

Rev. 21:5

As we are starting this new semester we need to be reminded that we are renewed in more than just our schedule, but also in our opportunities for evangelism and in our growth with God. As we find ourselves in different classes we find new people around us that we might not have seen before, people who you have the ability to reach out to and build relationships with. It is true that when we find ourselves in places such as this that we have many opportunities to spread God’s word, to few people or to many, but what is important is that we have the opportunity. As this turn of the new year is wrapping up we are reminded that this is a season of renewal and hope, in our personal lives, in our classes, in the eyes of God, and it is important to note the endless amount of possibilities for all of us in different areas of our lives right now. There are so many places for all of us where we can take this time to improve, so that this year can shape up to be the best one yet. I encourage you to take some time to yourself and think about different ways that you can improve your personal life with God this new year and how you can share that with the new people around you.

God I pray that we can all find new ways to grow in you, and that we might be able to take advantage of this time of renewal and hope so that we might be able to build a strong foundation for us to grow our relationship with you this year. Amen

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