Origin pt 2 #4


Ruth Hallstead

Genesis 1:26-27

This summer, I went to a church that did a sermon series called “Jesus B.C.”. It was all about connecting the Old Testament to the New Testament, and really about showing that God is always working. That there was a clear plan. That the Old Testament points to Jesus. It was fascinating. Last week, I was reminded a lot about this idea as we heard Wade preach on the creation story… The idea here is that we came from somewhere, and knowing and understanding that is really powerful. People like to argue about a lot of the details, but the important idea here is that God made us to shine His light. Running behind all the details is an important undercurrent, and it points us to God. He made us in His image, and that is pretty darn cool. This week, as the story continues with Noah, think about that. And worry less about well, everything. Instead, remember that we were made in God’s image. Remember OUR origin story and think about why that matters for today.

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