Tower of Babel 1


Ruth Hallstead

Genesis 11:1-9

In Genesis 12, some crazy stuff happens. The people say that they need to build some tower or they will be scattered across the earth. Then, God comes in and is like psych, I’m going to scatter you anyway (that’s a direct quote). This is an interesting tension. Why were we scattered? Why was it so important to God that we speak different languages? The way I see it is this. Say you have a friend who is in a bad spot, and you want to help them out of it. But, you think that if they hear specific news or advice from you, it won’t work. So you bring in a mutual friend that you think they will listen to. On a broader scale, this is one reason we were scattered. Not everyone is in a position to say what needs to be said to all people. We can’t always be the ones to share important stuff with everybody in our lives. But we are all incredibly different people, all uniquely positioned. Our mission statement here at Bama Wesley is “A place for all people to discover their God-given identity while fulfilling their God-ordained purpose.” Do you think that Wade can help every person do that? Or John? Or one of the interns? No. None of us can be all things to all people. This scattering of humanity thousands of years ago allowed us to get to where we are, so that ALL people might be served.

Lord, thank you for making us different. Please show me the places that I am uniquely situated to show Your love and to spread Your word. Let me see where I can make a difference simply because of who I am and who You’ve made me to be.


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