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Jailbreak 2.1


Charlie Warren

Exodus 7:15-16

I’ve always found it interesting how God uses us. Although omnipotent, he chooses to use us to drive our own narrative of humanity, all while demonstrating his power to us. This idea of God allowing us to drive our own narrative while simultaneously demonstrating his position as Creator is seen in this passage. God could easily have “fixed” the struggles of his people, but that would undermine the ability humanity has to make moral, godly decisions in times of hardship. So, the Lord instead used Moses and other Hebrew people so that they, along with God, may shape the story of their people.

God, you constantly present us with opportunities to humble ourselves and glorify you. Help us to always be attentive to how you are using us to fulfill your purpose, and to understand our place in the narrative you wish our lives to tell

General Conference

Hey Wesley,

As many of you know, the United Methodist General Conference wrapped up today and adopted the Traditional Plan, which is the most conservative plan considered. We’ve already heard from many of you with questions and concerns about what this means for the United Methodist Church, and for Wesley specifically, going forward.

We’ll be sharing a lot more during our Post-General Conference Foundations Workshop on Monday (March 4) at 7pm after dinner. For now, though, we wanted to some initial thoughts and reactions that we hope will be helpful as you’re processing all this. At the end of this post you’ll find a video message from Wade, and you can click here for a more detailed writeup from John.

As you’re processing all this, know this: you are loved by both God and us, you are welcome, and God is not surprised by anything that has happened in the last three days. 

We’re here for you, and we’re grateful to be your pastors. If you want to talk more about any of this, let us know.

Grace and Peace,

Wade and John

Video Message from Wade

Jailbreak 1.4


Will Harper

1 Corinthians 6:12

Many times when faced with multiple options and paths in our lives, we have to decide between an easier path, or a more difficult one; one that might be easier and yield less reward, or one that might be more challenging but be more beneficial. There are countless temptations in this scenario that may lead to you choosing one path over the other, many that may make your life easier but might not be the best for you, giving in to these temptations leads to them becoming overbearing on you. Giving half of your effort to do something rather than fully investing into it, putting things off, things like this that can lead to unneeded stress in your life. You have the ability to give into your temptations, but we are called to avoid them and give your all in what you do, this is what  “not be mastered by anything” means in the verse, being able to identify what is leading you into the less meaningful path and having the ability to say “no” and that you won’t let it power over you. This is how we should live in all aspects so that we may best be able to serve ourselves, and so that we can serve God’s plan for us as best we can.

I pray that as we go about our lives this week, that we are presented with opportunities with different paths we can take, so that we have the chance to overcome adversity and take power back in our own lives so that we may best serve you God.


Jailbreak 1.3


Sam Donley

Exodus 2:23-25

When the Israelites were enslaved under the Egyptians, they cried out to God for help. God heard their cry and sent Moses to rescue them. I’ve never been a slave to a foreign people before, but I have been held captive by sin. When I am trapped in a cycle of shame and defeat, it is really easy to think that I need to fix myself and get out of this before I can seek after God. In that state, the devil wants me to think I’m not good enough for God so I stay where I am. God doesn’t want us to clean ourselves up before following Him, He wants us to cry out to Him so He can change us like he promised.


God thank you for always living up to your promises. Help me have the wisdom to look to you for help first before looking to my own inferior wisdom.

Jailbreak 1.2


Ruth Hallstead

Exodus 3:1-22, John 5:1-8

This story in John (that has strong parallels to Moses’ story) is really interesting to me, because it’s a pretty wild concept when you think about it. Jesus sees a paralyzed guy, and asks him if he wants to be healed before doing anything. Then the guy doesn’t even really answer the question, but Jesus heals him anyway. How many times do we stay stuck in sin or destructive behavior or fear because we don’t fully want to be healed? For me the big one is fear. Fear feels like control… Not being afraid is still frightening somehow, because it is giving up a feeling of power. Even when I know that power isn’t real. And that trusting God fully would be easier in the long run. The coolest part of this story? God knows we’ve got these hang-ups; yet he steps in anyway. He heals us regardless. He gives us the freedom we don’t even realize we are fighting against.


I fight too much, instead of yielding to You. Help me to let go and let You into my life, because I know You are already there. Help me get out of my own way, and step into the freedom You offer. Guide me into Your healing presence. Amen