General Conference

Hey Wesley,

As many of you know, the United Methodist General Conference wrapped up today and adopted the Traditional Plan, which is the most conservative plan considered. We’ve already heard from many of you with questions and concerns about what this means for the United Methodist Church, and for Wesley specifically, going forward.

We’ll be sharing a lot more during our Post-General Conference Foundations Workshop on Monday (March 4) at 7pm after dinner. For now, though, we wanted to some initial thoughts and reactions that we hope will be helpful as you’re processing all this. At the end of this post you’ll find a video message from Wade, and you can click here for a more detailed writeup from John.

As you’re processing all this, know this: you are loved by both God and us, you are welcome, and God is not surprised by anything that has happened in the last three days. 

We’re here for you, and we’re grateful to be your pastors. If you want to talk more about any of this, let us know.

Grace and Peace,

Wade and John

Video Message from Wade

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