Hosea pt 1


Ruth Hallstead

Hosea 2:23

Hosea has a pretty crazy story, as you well know if you were in service this week (if not, go read the book. It’s short and totally worth it). This verse here is one of my favorite parts. Initially, Hosea’s kids have these terrible names. “Not pitied” “Not my people”. But then, God promises that one day he will flip the script. God is always flipping the script and wow is it incredible this time. He says that these kids will no longer be pushed aside. Instead, He will reclaim them. He made them for better things, and he plans to love them back into His kingdom. God does that for us too! Each and every time we stray, God is right there, ready to accept us and flip the script.

Dear Lord, thank you for always being there, even when we think You aren’t. Thank you for never giving up on us. Flip the script, one more time. Help us to turn back to You, over and over again until we finally stop straying. Amen

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