Hosea pt 3


Hosea 1:6-9

Names are powerful things. Think about names or labels that you have either assumed or been given. Daughter. Student. Lame. Scatter-brained. Flexible. Strict. Fun. Quiet. Sometimes we pick these labels. Other times they happen to us. It can be really easy to follow along with that narrative, to just say, ok, I am this or that. This week, instead of following the world’s names for you, follow His name for you. You are God’s child. You are made in His image. Live into that. Don’t worry about conforming. Be different, because you were made to be different. Yes, God gave Hosea’s children these names in this scripture. But read a little further, and you’ll see that this is not the final word. God redeems us through His incredible grace and love, empowering us to shake off those old names and assume our true names in Him.

Lord, You are incredible. Your everlasting love endures forever. Help me to remember You this week as I think about what’s in a name. Guide me to see that I have only one name, one identity that truly matters. Help me to see the freedom and joy that can bring. In Your name, Amen.

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