Jailbreak 2.1


Charlie Warren

Exodus 7:15-16

I’ve always found it interesting how God uses us. Although omnipotent, he chooses to use us to drive our own narrative of humanity, all while demonstrating his power to us. This idea of God allowing us to drive our own narrative while simultaneously demonstrating his position as Creator is seen in this passage. God could easily have “fixed” the struggles of his people, but that would undermine the ability humanity has to make moral, godly decisions in times of hardship. So, the Lord instead used Moses and other Hebrew people so that they, along with God, may shape the story of their people.

God, you constantly present us with opportunities to humble ourselves and glorify you. Help us to always be attentive to how you are using us to fulfill your purpose, and to understand our place in the narrative you wish our lives to tell

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