Love Letters 4


John Austin Higginbotham

Song of Solomon 2:7

Although others might have different understandings, I view Song of Solomon not as viewing of the relationship between God and man, but of the more literal sense of men and women. When I read of this verse, my first inkling is that one should wait until one is ready to love. To be frank, one should wait until one is mature enough to be in a relationship. Too often nowadays I see people entering into relationships that either they’re not ready for, or that others aren’t ready for. Whether it’s large commitments such as marriage, or simply dating, I think that too many people put their whole being out for others that are not deserving of it or ready to respond in kind. To me, this is a verse of caution, to reserve yourself until you fully understand yourself and those around you. I think it is a beautiful bridge in this book between the various passions of love, to serve as a reminder for everyone out there that if you are not careful, you can be abused and tossed aside. My opinion and prayer is that everyone finds the love of their life, but that they not pursue something that they aren’t emotionally, mentally, or even spiritually ready for. It protects not only yourself, but also those around you.


Help us to remember that there is a lot at stake when entering a new relationship. Guide us in becoming who we are made to be in You before we invest too much in another. Allow us to love each other well and be patient through that love. Amen

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