Tower of Babel 2


Charlie Warren

Genesis 11: 1-9

Genesis 11, like much of the Old Testament, presents some concepts and actions that I often have a hard time wrestling with. Every time I read this passage, I question why God would seek to tear down the achievements of man. The answers I have come to present two reasons. First, that in chapter 9 of Genesis, God instructs man to go and spread to all corners of the Earth, and so the collection of men into one nation directly defies His wishes. Second, that the nation builds their great monuments for themselves, and are driven by a pride that exalts themselves and their achievements rather than those of God. This chapter reminds us that the achievements of man are insignificant to the wishes of our Lord, and that we must listen and abide by His plan for our lives, no matter how impressive we believe we can be by ourselves.

God, we know that we often put our own desires ahead of Your plans. Help us to keep our eyes on and abide by the plan You have for us, instead of rationalizing the things we do by touting our own skill and by how impressive we perceive our actions to be.

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