Tower of Babel 4


Genesis 11:7

When I was applying for colleges, one school was really big on “Thoughtful Discourse”. Now, this was a tiny liberal arts college in middle of nowhere New York. When I toured, everyone looked the same, talked the same function and seemed to pretty much BE the same. I was amazed, because in my opinion thoughtful discourse is of the utmost importance, but it only matters when you are surrounded by diversity. Thoughtful discourse is, at it’s most basic, thinking before you talk. Communicating with care for every person, in spite of and because of your differences. How often do we surround ourselves with people that make thoughtful discourse easy, even irrelevant? What does it take to bring about difficult discussions, actually talk about real things, and walk away full of respect for one another? I believe this is a call placed upon each and discuss them! It can take a lot of effort as sometimes our language can feel “confused”. But that’s okay. It is in puzzling through that confusion with open ears and hearts and minds where the important stuff happens.

Oh God, help me to be okay with not knowing the answer. Let me lean into disagreement. Guide my conversations that I might learn more about You and Your world through real conversations, difficult as they may be. Allow me to engage at a deeper level with those around me nd not settle for anything less. Amen

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