Jailbreak 2.2


Exodus 9:8-12

Wade talked about how each plague represents a little god of the Israelites, and I want to focus on the sixth plague, boils. I think this covers first of all vanity, but more broadly it covers ambivalence, taking advantage of what you’ve been given. How often do we fuel our bodies with garbage? How often do we sit inside instead of going outside? God gave us incredible bodies… Now, of course we are not equally able. But we’ve all got something uniquely wonderful to work with. How do we show respect for God’s creation of us? I think this plague specifically can really resonate with each of us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, now let’s act like it, shall we? This week, think about what you put in your body. And be mindful of what you do with it. Whether that is helping somebody out, studying outside, talking a walk or doing a serious workout, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you respect yourself and in turn show God that you value and appreciate what He has given you.

Lord, Guide me this week. Allow me to follow You and to show my appreciation for Your creation. Help me to value what You have done and do what is right to maintain that. Amen

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