Jailbreak 2.4



Exodus 8:8-14

I think there are two huge messages in this passage. First, God answers prayers. Not always this dramatically of course, but He does. And we can certainly take confidence in that. Second? The most powerful guy in the world (to his knowledge) has his land inundated with frogs. And he calls in these two dudes and asks them to pray for him. We have to take a step back and appreciate the craziness of this for just a moment. Pharaoh is a god-king… yet when frogs come around he goes and gets some shepherds to pray to an unseen deity to fix his land! What if we had the faith of Pharaoh (without the whole slavery thing)? He is so matter-of-fact about it too… He just says hey pray for me would ya? He doesn’t question God’s power or hesitate for even a second. Just marinate on that this week…I certainly will be.

Lord, You are all powerful. Help me to have the faith of Pharoah. Show me how to trust You in the waiting. Guide me in bringing everything to You first and giving up even the pretense of control on my part. Amen

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