Meet Judas Iscariot (TJL 1.2)

Friday                                                                                                                                Luke 6: 17-26

Immediately after choosing His twelve disciples, Jesus begins disciple-orientation for his newly-picked students. Judas, of course, would have been listening to Jesus’ words during this lesson (which we will be exploring over the next few days). Remember that many believe Judas may have been a part of, or at least heavily influenced by a group called the Zealots. This aggressive, often violent group was driven by a hatred of Rome and its oppressive rule over the Jewish people. Now, if Judas was a part of this group, it is possible that he viewed Jesus as the one who would overthrow Rome. Knowing this, how would Judas have heard Jesus’ words?

Lord, guide me as I learn about Judas. Help me to seek to understand his reasons for action. Give me new eyes and new ears for an old story. Allow me to stay open-minded in my daily life, to give others the benefit of the doubt and to try to understand others instead of judging them. Amen

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