Last-Ditch Effort (TJL 4.5)

Tuesday                                                                         John 17:1-26

This is Jesus’ final prayer before leaving the Upper Room where He and His disciples celebrated the Passover.  There are many things Jesus asks of His Father in these verses. However, look at verse 12. “When I was with them, I watched over them in your name… and I kept them safe. None of them has been lost except for the one who was doomed for destruction, so that scripture might be fulfilled.” There are a few ways of looking at this verse. Some say Judas couldn’t resist betraying Jesus because it was predestined for him. Others say that John’s gospel is particularly harsh on Judas, written by the Beloved Disciple’s community, who had a special loathing for Judas (which is true). However you read the passage, hear it from a Jesus who has tear-filled eyes, a Jesus who is hurt over the fact that He could not change Judas’ mind. Judas was doomed to destruction by His own choice. And Jesus is torn up over it. Likewise, Jesus mourns over our decisions when we turn away from Him. How will you avoid being “doomed to destruction” today?

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