Last-Ditch Effort (TJL 4.6)

Wednesday                                                                 Matthew 26:36-46

The final hour has arrived, and Jesus is alone. Judas is on His way, and the other disciples are fighting sleep. How does Jesus face His darkest hour? He does not run from it, nor does He try to reason His way out of it. No, He prays.  The thing that we often choose last, Jesus does first. What does He pray? He prays, “Father, I hate this. I feel as though I’m dying already. Please let there be another way. Please!” Have you ever prayed that prayer before? We all have. But Jesus adds an additional phrase. “Yet, not my will. Let Yours be done.” Jesus does not fearfully face His darkest hour. He confidently embraces it as part of God’s work of redemption for all His people. And, perhaps, as a final way of showing His love and plan to Judas, His betrayer. 

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