The 11th Hour (TJL 5.1)

This week, you’ll read an assortment of verses commonly used to discuss suicide.  Read these as you continue to think about Judas, and the possibility that God gave him grace.

Thursday                                                                   1 Kings 19

This passage is one of only a few instances in scripture of suicide or suicidal thoughts. In it, Elijah, one of God’s prophets, desires to end his life. Why? Because of solitude and hopelessness over Queen Jezebel’s mission to end his life. Note—in dire situations, even God’s people have thoughts of giving up on life. It may be fleeting, but those thoughts still exist. But notice how God turns Elijah’s mindset around. Have you ever felt despair over situations beyond your control? Do you think Judas felt this kind of despair?

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