The 11th Hour (TJL 5.6)

This week, you’ll read an assortment of verses commonly used to discuss suicide.  Read these as you continue to think about Judas, and the possibility that God gave him grace.

Wednesday                                                                 Matthew 27:1-9

Judas tried to make things right, but it was too late. The chief priests would not be dissuaded from their agenda of killing Jesus. Guilt-ridden and overwhelmed, Judas gave up. But think about it… where could Judas turn? The other 11 disciples would certainly reject him, even though Jesus always urged love and forgiveness. And, if Jesus truly were God’s son, Judas couldn’t turn to God, right? Killing the Son of God is something you don’t come back from. Judas didn’t have the benefit of seeing Jesus rise from the dead. Thus, the only difference between us and Judas is that we have a resurrected Jesus to pray to. What do you think would have happened if Judas had seen the risen Christ?

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