The Turn (TJL 3.3)

Saturday                                                      Mark 9:14-29

While Peter, James, and John went with Jesus up a mountain to pray, Judas and the other disciples were left to continue Jesus’ mission. While Jesus was gone, a boy with an evil spirit was brought to Judas and the others to be healed. But for some reason they couldn’t do it. Jesus told them it is because some spirits can only be driven out by prayer and fasting, but how would you take it? Would you count it as a failure? Would you think to yourself, “I messed this up. Peter, James, and John could have done it… but not me.” Perhaps Judas felt this. Had betrayal already crossed his mind? Even if he had shaken it out of his mind for the moment, do you think the guilt of the thought could have kept him from healing the boy in need? Sin left unaddressed can affect not only our relationship with God, but also in performing His mission. What sin do you need to talk to God about today?

Lord I know that I have been tempted and I have fallen to that temptation. Help me to confess and repent to You where I have fallen short. Lead me away from sin and back into Your arms. Guide me to continue Your mission with a clean heart. Amen

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